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Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan tailored to your circumstance, goals and concerns



Creation of personal tax strategies and return preparation



Learn about the power of compunding and generational wealth building.

long term care

Long Term Care

Don’t let long term care be cumbersome. Start Planning today.

life insurance


Life happens to everyone. Plan for the worst. Hope for the best.



Create perpetual recurring income, that you can’t outlive

My Commitment

Your Financial Problem Solver,
Advocate & Educator

B & P Financial was created to help families and individuals improve their lives by making better financial decisions.

Traditional Retirement

Save as much as you can when  you can so you are able to reach your desired standard of living during a lengthy retirement.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance can help protect your family from financial loss due to your untimely death. It is very affordable and easy to acquire.

Investment Planning

Investing is putting your money to work so you can earn more money.  That’s what we do – put ideal money to work.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent policy that provides a death benefit in exchange for a premium. If you die during the policy term, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum benefit.


Leaving your chosen career but planning on continuing in the workforce at a lower capacity or maybe you are at a point in your life to change careers.


Traditional 401(k) – money goes into your account pre-tax, then you pay taxes on it when you withdraw it.  Learn how each type of 401(k) is taxed.

Roth IRA

An individual retirement account allowing a person to set aside after-tax income up to a specified amount each year. Both earnings on the account and withdrawals after age 59½ are tax-free

Universal Life Insurance

Cash Value and Surrender Values and of Universal Life policies may be impacted by changes in interest rates and investment performance and will fluctuate with changes in general economic conditions.

Temporary Retirement

Wanting to take a year off and travel? Temporary retirement is great but requires more complex financial planning.

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