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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I received the largest possible tax return?

Unfortunately, many individual tax preparers and even large tax preparation companies and software, use a “Cookie-Cutter” approach in preparing tax returns. This is especially true the closer it gets to the filing deadline. B & P Financial offers a Complimentary Tax Review, which could find Credits & Deductions that have been missed. Please click the link before making the same costly mistake again.

Does B & P Financial have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number)?

Yes, is the short answer. Don’t have anyone prepare your federal tax return without it. B & P Financial separates itself from other tax preparers, by taking part in the IRS’ Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), as well as offering clients a Tax Strategy package that identifies steps you should be taking this year, to lower your tax liability and increase your return next year. Please see the link to take advantage of this offer.

How much should I be making before I hire a Financial Planner?

We help clients from all different backgrounds, financial situations, and goals. If you are here reading this, you know that you need and want help. A Comprehensive Financial Plan should pay for itself, once you consider the path to better financial decisions, it will put you on. Ask yourself, how much poor financial decisions have cost you in the past! Please contact us to schedule a free-of-charge discussion.

What is your investment philosophy?

This depends on the preferences of the client. Before a dollar is invested, we explore what their risk tolerance is, what they are trying to achieve and what keeps them awake at night. We at B & P Financial usually look at investing from a conservative point of view. However, our goal is to show our clients, what is possible as well as probable, with investment decisions. Please book some time for a free of charge discussion about your situation.

Should I do a Roth conversion?

Converting an existing traditional IRA into a Roth IRA is often such a good move, that many lawmakers want to shut down this “average person’s” tax loophole. Deciding if a conversion is right for you is a trade-off, which will depend on your financial situation. We would love to discuss if the one-time upfront increase in taxes, is worth the financial gain of long-term tax-free investment growth.

At what age should I be looking at Long-Term Care insurance?

At B & P Financial, we don’t think a Comprehensive Financial Plan is complete unless we have discussed Long-Term Care for yourself and your loved ones. We are all getting older and the sooner you start planning for it the cheaper it will be to secure peace of mind.

How is B & P Financial Compensated?

The answer to this depends on the services that our client requests of us. We provide a Tax Strategy Plan coupled with Tax Return preparation, which typically starts at $300. We provide a Comprehensive Financial Plan, tailored for each client, for around $3,000. B & P Financial also offers Investment Management services at up to a 1% fee or Investment Advise on a reasonable hourly rate.